What the parents say

"Irina & I want to thank you sincerely for taking such care to stay true to Maria Montessori’s vision. Of course, the love for children in your Preschool is also obvious when Sophia goes to preschool every day with boundless enthusiasm. Seeing her come home really happy, with new skills and natural creativity nurtured as much as at home, confirms that our very high expectations are well and truly met at Casa Montessori. I don’t think we can thank you enough for your skilful, calm and loving care of Sophia! We certainly recommend to anyone considering a Montessori education to look at your beautiful preschool environment."  Chris Tschida


"We love Casa Montessori. You can see the inspiration that the beautiful place brings to the teachers and children alike. My daughter is happy to go there every morning. Not only the kids get to meet new friends, but it has become a great place for the parents also. We hope that the enthusiastic spirit of this newly open preschool keeps growing strongly all the time!"  Andrea Bravo De La Vega


"When I looked for a preschool for my then 2.5 year old son, I visited around 30 in Auckland’s CBD as well as West Auckland. Casa Montessori in Avondale was the last one we visited. It is so very different from other preschools: the premises are spacious, newly renovated and tastefully decorated; the wide selection of developmental toys and materials is extensive; the teachers are all of exceptionally high calibre; the child-to-teacher ratio is the best I have ever come across (at the moment it is about 1 to 4); and the environment is just so calm and peaceful. At our previous childcare centre it seemed there was always chaos and frequent biting and scratching. At Casa, over the past 12 months we’ve been enrolled, there were no such incidents or any conflicts with other children whatsoever. The teachers encourage the children to ”use their words” to resolve conflict. Casa frequently organizes parent evenings where experts do educational presentations on varies topics; this also serves as an opportunity to discuss any questions/concerns you may have as a parent. There is a weekly Spanish class, Yoga, the children also learn geography and biology and have a practical skills area, where they learn “life skills” – such as baking, cooking, peeling, pouring, sweeping, and doing the dishes etc. – which help them develop independence and confidence. As a parent, it is very fulfilling to know that my child is at the best possible preschool there is."  Kristina Keaney


"Casa Montessori is not merely a breath of fresh air, but a welcome, gentle breeze, in Greater Auckland and Auckland City. No other school we have observed is quite like it. It has a heart and a soul, as well as all the Scientifics necessary to achieve a living, breathing Montessori pedagogy, as perhaps Dr Montessori herself might have envisaged. There is honesty and sincerity here, that gives parents confidence that teachers truly “follow the child”. The staff is impeccably professional, the environment is beautiful, and the children are loved, cared for, and safe. There are no conceited teachers here. They will tell you, “the focus is on the children and not on the teachers”. And as we have observed, there lies a genuine, quiet passion - visible in action, staff demeanor and the children. Staff commitment to the school is evident in every fibre of its being- just take a look around and you will see it. The teachers are clearly, genuinely, ‘busy’; yet we the parents never hear about it. Rather, we are told that they will always make time for any discussions or concerns that we might have. We are not made to feel unwelcome or time consuming. There is a genuine patience here that we have not observed elsewhere. But most importantly, not only will you see children bursting with high self-esteem, the teachers too are wonderful exemplars."  Samina Munir


"This is a beautiful preschool embracing the essence of Montessori with fantastic teachers and facilities. My child comes home very proud with stories to tell of another exciting day. I am surprised that there are some spaces available. Highly recommended."  Derek Jackson


"We moved to Auckland a couple of months ago and we send our 4 year old son to Casa and he looks forward to meeting his teachers and friends every morning. The environment is so friendly and relaxing, that he had no trouble settling in to his new school at all. As a parent, it is very fulfilling to trust that my child is very happy and growing leaps and bounds in his pre-school. We are regularly updated with all the activities and topics that the children are working on. This is a fantastic new Montessori and Aarav is thriving there. Highly recommend it!"  Shalaka Johnson


"Casa is a beautiful preschool, not only in the physical but also the ethos. We chose it not because of the philosophy but because of the location. The Montessori philosophy has turned out to be a huge bonus. Educating us about a thoughtful, positive, responsible approach to raising our children, focusing on independence, self motivation and mutual respect.
I cannot recommend Casa enough and look forward to sending my youngest there.
Helen Miller


"Casa Montessori is a fantastic place with a great bunch of teachers who are absolutely passionate about what they do. Our son has been attending Casa for the past year and he absolutely loves it. It is a safe and fun place where kids can learn and make new friends. It is also great for us parents too. I love the regular newsletters and the parents evenings."  Maduka Jayakody